Chicken lays egg for man daily in return for food

A GERMAN VILLAGE NEAR DETMOLD: Hans Dieter Neuber, 82, is a lucky man. Every day he receives a visit from Sigrid, a beautiful hen in a hi-viz jacket. They have a relationship and an informal agreement. You might call it a contract. She wonders across the road having fluttered over a stone wall and up a hill to meet with Hans Dieter where she lays him an egg and in return he provides her with food. Unsurprisingly he says, “It’s a good deal. She delivers her egg, walks up to me, gets her feed and then she disappears and it all gets repeated the next day.”

Sigrid. I believe that this is a video screenshot from social media.

Sigrid’s owner didn’t know it was happening until told by Mr Neuber, at which point, in the interests of her chicken’s safety, she put on a hi-viz vest before her morning walk to her neighbour. She keeps a turkey and two peacocks as well. It’s been going on for the past two and a half months and the chicken and human are on first name terms. He says that she allows him to stroke her.

It’s his morning breakfast treat and it’s a first-class arrangement. I don’t see the contract being broken any time soon. Incidentally, you can get hi-viz jackets for chickens quite easily online. I didn’t know about this but it helps to keep them safe. Chickens can be pets. They’re quite intelligent and should be treated with respect just as Mr Neuber does.


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