Boris as a puppy name surges in popularity

Boris Johnson can’t be that bad in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic because “Boris” is a far more popular name for puppies nowadays than it was before. It is now the 74th most popular name for a puppy in Britain and the 48th most popular name for a kitten which doesn’t sound that good but they were 128th and 123rd respectively before.

Boris the worried Labrador
Boris the worried Labrador. Photo in public domain.

The insurer More Than did a survey on pet names and found that Boris is one of the fastest growing names for puppies. For Faye Archer, 41, a dog breeder, the reason why she named one of her puppies Boris is because he has a worried look. He’s a fox-red Labrador and he looks as worried as the Prime Minister. You can’t blame Boris for looking worried. No one has more on his shoulders than him in the country but he is out of his depth when it comes to dealing with the coronavirus.

Worried Boris Johnson
Worried Boris Johnson. Photo in public domain.

Luna is apparently the most popular name for puppies and kittens this year. Rising in popularity since last year are the names: Winnie, Mabel and Otis. Whereas the name, Snoopy (the name of the Beagle in the comic strip Peanuts) was popular last year at sixth place, it has fallen to 347th this year.

Stormzy as a name for a puppy has trebled in popularity since 2080 due to his performance at Glastonbury apparently in 2019.

In another example of sad news as far as I’m concerned, I’m told by The Times newspaper that nearly half of all pet owners in Britain have adopted another pet during the first nationwide lockdown. It seem to be an enormous number and the worry and the sadness of it is that a lot of these pets, often puppies, are liable to be relinquished to rescue centres or sold online, more likely because they’re so expensive, after the adopter gives up their responsibilities because they bought the puppy on impulse to keep them company during lockdown.

I know I’m moaning about it but it is a serious matter. Companion animals should not be adopted on impulse or under extreme circumstances because the person doing the adopting is liable to make a mistake and use bad judgement.

One dog owner, Katy Conway, thinks the name “Boris” is cute and not the sort of name for a child. She named her twelve-year-old Yorkshire springer spaniel Boris. I don’t think we can say that Boris Johnson is cute. Dishevelled, worried, harassed and worn out, yes, we can call him that.

Matt Frost named his cat Boris, changing it from Gordon because he felt that Gordon was too serious. A reflection on people regarding Boris as a little bit flippant and not taking things seriously enough due to his historical larking around when being the Mayor of London.

P.S. Breeding dogs is wrong at a time when there are unwanted dogs in shelters and people are impule buying attractive but sometimes unhealthy animals without due consideration for the consequences.

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