Los Angeles homeless couple fight over dog. Dog falls to road.

NEWS AND VIEWS: This is a domestic dispute with a difference because it’s taking place between two people who are homeless and who are clearly living on the streets of Los Angeles, USA. We are told that they have a dog and a cat and that both appear to be reasonably well fed according to obeservers but their lifestyle is highly inappropriate for themselves, their dog and their cat.

Arguing homeless LA couple compete over who takes possession of their dog and the dog sufffers and is abused
Arguing homeless LA couple compete over who takes possession of their dog and the dog sufffers and is abused. Screenshot.

Perhaps the stress of the situation has caused them to argue and in these arguments, as you can see in the video filmed by I believe an apartment owner opposite, their dog is inadvertently abused. It isn’t that the dog was thrown to the ground. That did not happen. They were pulling and pushing trying to take possession of their dog and as a result the dog ended up falling to the roadway in a hard fall on his side. Before that the dog is hanging by his lead around his neck. It doesn’t look good and the whole event must have been stressful for all of them including a cat which perhaps is in the tent. I don’t know but it is pretty sad.

Apparently they have refused help to be rehomed which is perhaps even sadder. The police can’t help because what happened doesn’t constitute animal abuse under the law and the LAPD’s Animal Cruelty Task Force appears to be defunct due to a lack of funding. Not that they would probably help anyway. This is a lot more about a human-to-human crisis with their companion animals stuck in the middle and being the unwitting victims as is so often the case in these sorts of disputes.

I hope they sort themselves out and get help because they sorely need it. It is arguable that the cat and dog should be rehomed at least temporarily in a foster home until they can get on their feet. I feel bad for the humans too. It is tough and not good to see this.

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