Berlin fox is the mystery shoe thief

A skinny and rather fragile-looking fox living in Berlin has been unearthed as the mystery shoe thief who has stolen more than 100 shoes from gardens in a wealthy area of the city. One resident of Zehlendorf lost a running shoe and started to patrol the area to recover it at which point he caught the fox red-handed in the middle of yet another theft. She had two blue flip-flops in her snout, he said. A couple of days later he followed the fox to a place in nearby woods and found the area littered with “stolen goods”, all shoes, which were brought there as toys for her cubs, it is believed.

Fox is obsessed with shoes
Fox is obsessed with shoes. I have seen domestic cats do the same thing. Photo in public domain.

The charming story is reported on Twitter:

The German:

Fuchs, du hast den Schuh gestohlen“. Der Schuh-Dieb von #Zehlendorf ist überführt. Aus Zehlendorfer Gärten sind zuletzt hunderte Schuhe verschwunden. Nun hat ein Anwohner den Räuber erwischt und sein Lager entdeckt:

The translation into English:

Fox, you stole the shoe. The shoe thief from #Zehlendorf is convicted. Hundreds of shoes have recently disappeared from Zehlendorfer Gardens. Now a resident has caught the robber and discovered his camp:

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