Bank employee takes 2-hour horse ride to work after boss tells her to take public transport

NEWS AND COMMENT – FORLI, NORTHWEST ITALY: Bank worker Tabita Gurioli was involved in a minor road traffic accident in her car. She telephoned her boss and asked if she could stay at home and work remotely which is a mode of working that has become quite common post-Covid.

Her boss denied her request and insisted that she come to work at the bank and take public transport. She was given the option of taking a day’s holiday instead.

Gurioli rides to work
Gurioli rides to work. Photo: Turkey Post in English.

Gurioli was unhappy with her boss’s demands and decided to protest against what she believed was their unreasonableness. As she owns a stable called ‘Oasis of Emotions’ near her home town of Mensa Matellica, she decided on a different mode of transport: horse-riding.

The distance from her home in Forli to her work place in Cesena is 8 miles (13 kilometers). On horseback it took her 2 hours. That is 4 miles an hour which is a good human walking pace! I guess she took her time as part of the protest. Perhaps it would have been unsafe to have gone any faster.

She planned her route carefully in largely avoiding tarmac roads and using a cycle track that hugs the banks of the river Savio. Very nice. It must have been a very pleasant journey if a little slow.

She said:

It was an act of protest. I could have gone by bicycle, but no one would have noticed and it wouldn’t have changed anything.

When she arrived at work, she left her horse, Monastir, at a nearby racecourse.

She said that her protest did not cause any major problems with her boss or at least it is yet to be reported. She said that, “Some trade union organisations have been in touch but I haven’t heard anything from the bank. I’m sure they’ll have something to say on Monday.”

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