As a child, Mary Berry liked to sleep with a piglet

Mary Berry at Chelsea Flower Show

Mary Berry at Chelsea Flower Show. Photo: Wikipedia. Photo: Stephen Reed. Taken 22 May 2017.

Tonight, on BBC1 at 7 PM, Mary Berry, the television cook and former Great British Bake Off judge, will say on Countryfile:

“I’ve always loved animals. We had pigs and the little runt that was always left out, I used to whip away. I had been known to take it to bed with me. I used to wrap it in a towel. I’d snatch it just at dark. They’re such snugly little pink things. Everybody says pigs smell but not the little piglets. They’re gorgeous”.

Mary Berry praises pigs. Although they are thought of as being dirty (incorrectly) she loves piglets. Mary Berry can be seen being interviewed in a special edition of the Countryfile programme. She guest edited it. She visits her childhood home and forages for mushrooms and blackberries. She also meets a herd of organic cattle and cooks British stake. She grew up on Charlcombe Farm which is north of Bath. For international readers, this is in the West of England. She grew up surrounded by goats and hens but it was the little piglets who caught her attention.

Mary Berry is known to be frugal. Her mother lived until one hundred and five and she believes that she may live as long because she has the genetic make up to achieve that exceptional lifespan.

Kids National Geographic tell us that despite the reputation of the pig being a dirty animal, they are actually quite clean. The reputation comes about because they like rolling in mud to cool off. If the environment is clean and cool then the pig will remain clean. The point being made is that pigs are not inherently dirty. This appears to be a misconception. Piglets weigh about 2.5 pounds at birth and double their weight in one week. When they are fully grown they can weigh up to 700 pounds and in exceptional cases their weight can be even higher than that. They’re considered smarter than dogs.

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