Annual lido dog swim events

Sandford Parks Lido in Cheltenham, one of the country’s largest outdoor pools, hosted hundreds of pooches and their owners for an annual swim. I have discovered that these events are common in the UK. It is a good idea. The Sanford Parks Lido event hosted 800 dogs despite temperatures dropping to 7°C! It is the third annual dog swim at this swimming pool in Cheltenham. It marked the end of the swimming season as the pool will be closed until the next coming season starts. To respect the coronavirus pandemic, social distances were kept or were meant to be kept. The swim started at 9:30 am and carried on until 4 pm. The place was Covid-19 secure. For example, the showers and changing rooms were not available. Facemasks had to be worn on site when they weren’t in the pool excluding dogs of course.

Sandford Parks Lido dog swim event
Sandford Parks Lido dog swim event. Photo: Mikal Ludlow.
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