A fox has just killed 34 of my hens – Jeremy Clarkson

Note: sometimes twitter embedded feeds disappear because Twitter deletes them ot the person who made them so if this typically short and to the point tweet from Mr Clarkson disappears you will know why.

Jeremy Clarkson has received a lot of sympathy, apparently, according to the news media, because a fox killed 34 of his prized hens. I am sympathetic too but how did he protect his hens? Surely, we can’t blame the fox because the fox is simply doing what he has to do to survive and if a fox kills more hens than he can eat that is part of the same process. Foxes have a terrible struggle to survive in the human world so please be kind to them and give them credit for managing a very difficult task.

Jeremy Clarkson on Instagram
Jeremy Clarkson on Instagram

If a fox got into his hen coop then Mr Clarkson did not build that coop properly because the major purpose of such a construction is to defend hens from foxes. He should therefore look to himself for blame. I actually think that he is doing that because he’s a smart bloke and I am one of his admirers by the way. A lot of people, including one of my close friends, don’t like him because of his apparent arrogance and right wing tendencies. However, I find him very amusing and entertaining and that simple fact overcomes any other.

Personally, I am a great fan of foxes. I love them. I feed them. I put mange treatment on their food which works tremendously well. It is a homeopathic treatment which is interesting because a lot of people think that homeopathy does not work. It certainly works in treating mange on foxes. I’ve done this for years and I have seen the results first hand. They are remarkable.

We need to live in harmony with foxes. Live and let live. Don’t harm them, just accept them. And Jeremy Clarkson needs to do better when it comes to protecting his precious hens.

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