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2023 animal sacrifices by witches in the New Forest, England?

NEWS AND OPINION – UK: This does not surprise me at all. Witchcraft is alive and well in England and I suspect throughout the UK. And it is also present in many other countries. That’s because superstition is alive and well. Humankind can be incredibly superstitious. Animal sacrifice is really about superstition. The people who sacrifice animals think that they can conjure up some magical results which benefits them. But they’ve got to be cruel to animals to do it which is clearly unacceptable.


ANIMAL SACRIFICE BY WITCHES 2023? Image by MikeB based on images by Solent News as published on the Daily Mail website.

They do it in secret and a recent series of events in the New Forest, England, has brought to the authority’s notice that either Satanists or witches (I believe they are white witches) are carrying out animal sacrifices.

There is a grisly photograph of animal hearts arranged on a triangulation station, a pillar once used in surveying. You can see it in the image above. Surrounding this pillar were candles. The stone pillar is located at a beauty spot. It is believed that this was part of an occult ritual which took place close to a church. The vicar of that church has warned of “sinister goings-on”.

In December last year the Rev David Bacon issued his warning after the bodies of dead animals were deliberately left by Saint Peter’s church. He suggested that it was witchcraft after a cat was found by his congregation hanging from a flagpole.

Before that they discovered a dead fox on the doorstep of the church. Some members of his congregation have been unsettled by the episodes.

Although the vicar doesn’t know who’s doing it. He thinks that they might just be people who are angry at the world but he also believes it might be witchcraft. A lot of people practice it secretively. I think some members of these witchcraft sects enjoy it because they feel part of a group. They feel they belong and the witchcraft element is not that important. Of course, it is important to people concerned with animal welfare like myself.

A number of sheep have been killed and occult markings painted on them as you can also see in the photograph. In 2019 somebody stabbed a sheep and sprayed it with pentagrams. And occult markings were painted on the village’s 12th century church.

The police have told a local citizens that they are patrolling the area in the national park close to the village of Bramshaw, Hampshire. This area has been the target of suspected Satanists in the past.

Also, the New Forest, in the south of England, has been linked to witchcraft for hundreds of years. But they are not sure whether it truly is witchcraft at this stage.

Hampshire police said: “We received a report of meat found on top of Stagbury Hill with candles placed in a circle around it. This was spotted by members of the public at around 7:45 AM on January 13.

They added that “The items were disposed of before the report was made. We have conducted enquiries and will continue to patrol the area.”

Yes, somebody cleared up the animal hearts before reporting to the police. I find that very peculiar but at least they photographed it. Why didn’t they leave them as evidence? They may have provided the police with some useful evidence although I doubt it because this sort of activity isn’t of great interest to the police because animals are involved. Animals are de-prioritised in my view by the police in the UK.

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