YouTube video makers appear to be abusing dogs in rescues to make money

I’ll keep this short because I don’t want write this stuff. It’s too depressing to be honest. I’m looking at dog videos on YouTube, specifically dog rescue videos, I have strong feeling that this is dog abuse by video maker as well the original abuse. I have some serious doubts about the ethics. I appears that some dog rescues are set up.

Dog rescue videos are an abuse of the animal because of the maker's desire to get views and therefore advertising revenue
Dog rescue videos are an abuse of the animal because of the maker’s desire to get views and therefore advertising revenue. Screenshot.

Dog rescue is a profitable business on YouTube. They think people will click on the video if they see some horrendous image showing a dog in pain or a dog who’s been chained up all his life under intense sun or something like that. It’s the use of suffering dogs to make money which really upsets me. With YouTube videos you choose a photograph which becomes the icon image for the video (the still image you see in the list of videos). These initial presentational photographs which are meant to publicise the video are sometimes very uncomfortable to see. They have become clickbait.

And I wonder if some of the videos have been planned and ‘scripted’. It looks like it. If true they are ‘managing animal suffering’ in the interest of increasing their advertising revenue. The titles are unpleasant as well. In one, a dog is pictured lying among landfill rubbish and title is provocative. In another video the title is about the rescue of a dog chained and abandoned, emaciated and sick lying outside on concrete all day in the scorching heat. The picture is gruesome and very unsettling.

In another there is a picture of a dog face down in water wrapped up from head to toe in plastic or something similar. It is an unacceptable image. The video title says that the dog was thrown into water with four legs and mouth tied and bound. This should not be on YouTube as advertisers don’t want their ads next to this sort of imaginary. The administrators should intervene. It’s been on YouTube for three weeks and achieved .75m hits. The video maker is making money out of this. It appears to be a rescue organisation.

In another there’s a picture of a man throwing a mother dog into the sea in front of her puppies. The video maker dwells on the whole thing. What is going on? And in a further video there’s a dog, a small puppy, with a snake wrapped around his body. The video is about a puppy being rescued from a snake attack and crying for help. Why is a puppy being videoed while being crushed to death by a python? Why didn’t the videomaker put down the camera and actually get involved in rescuing the puppy? People should not be filming puppies with a python around them. That is what the picture looks like (see above).

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