Young woman has positive thoughts after losing a leg and two fingers in shark attack

Paige Winter has vowed to turn a shark attack in which she lost a leg in two fingers into something positive.

“I can transform this into something good for me and good for sharks and good for the environment.”

Paige Winter
Paige Winter and her Dad, Charlie.
Paige Winter and her Dad, Charlie.

Paige is the daughter of Charlie Paige, 39, who fought with the shark to save his daughter’s life. Charlie was speaking for the first time since the shark attack of North Carolina two weeks ago.

Charlie heard the shout of “Shark!” And then he saw blood in the water. His daughter was gone. He went to the area where there was pink in the water and dived under it to grab his door’s left arm. He pulled her up with the shark attached. It was big. Charlie punched the shark in the eye with everything that he had got.

His daughter was bleeding profusely from a severed femoral artery. His daughter tried to prise open the shark’s jaws. She remained calm throughout and said the single word “Dad” every few seconds. Charlie loves his daughter very much. He’d do anything for her.

I love his daughter’s attitude. It is the right one. She’ll do well with it and a loving Dad.

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