Woman’s relentless, angry rants directed at a neighbouring animal shelter

The guy in the video is Viktor Larkhill. He founded the animal rescue “Let’s Adopt International” and he is “under constant attack by people who do not share the same passion for animals” according to him. He is controversial but even to this day I can’t figure out why except that the comments on the following page may elucidate the problem.

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The extraordinary rant occurs in the first ten minutes or so of the video.

He seems like a genuine guy doing his best to rescue cats and dogs but he, in my words, has courted controversy throughout his career in animal rescue it seems to me. He started in Turkey. But, as you can see by the name, it is an international rescue. He is in partnership with other organisations. If you would like to read some background information about this animal rescue organisation then please click on the link above and come back to this page.

Viktor Larkhill
Viktor Larkhill. Screenshot.

The video on this page, above, was made from what I believe is his home, which is part of his animal rescue facility at which there are both dogs and cats. I don’t know where the facility is located but I think it is Spain. His website has translation facilities to Spanish and German. His rescue organisation appears to be based in The Netherlands, certainly for tax purposes. The rant by his neighbour appears to be in Spanish but I am not expert on languages. Please correct me if I am wrong.

In the video, which shows a large compound, and a very pleasant one, with dogs meandering around, you will hear the incredibly violent rants of a woman who is an adjacent neighbour to the rescue facility and apparently, she backs onto where cats are in a pink house. But she hates the dogs. She wants them to stop barking. I think she’s drunk and Mr Larkhill thinks that she is mentally ill. But perhaps she is simply mad as hell because she likes the quiet which she had before Mr Larkhill arrived.

Let's Adopt Intl. rescue facility
Let’s Adopt Intl. rescue facility. Screenshot

She threatens to kill the animals. Mr Larkhill says that the compound is quiet and tranquil. I don’t think he can talk to her because she appears to be beyond reason. It is hard to see where a compromise can be made in this situation.

Clearly, Mr Larkhill is not going to move home and the operation somewhere else and therefore Mr Larkhill and his neighbour are destined to be at each other’s throat from here to eternity. That must be unacceptable to both parties.

It would seem that he cannot escape controversy. In the video he’s trying to explain his position but to me he opens the door to a problem that could have been avoided. He has established his animal rescue in what appears to be the middle of a residential area. If I am correct in that assessment, and I’m not entirely sure, he is bound to have neighbour problems which he’s got. The rescue centre is in the wrong place although it should be said that this is a ‘hybrid rescue’ organisation (in his words) in which foster carers also look after the animals as well as Mr Larkhill at his facility.

So, the moral behind this little story is don’t open a rescue centre in a residential area with neighbours that are adjacent to it i.e. very close by. There will be noise from dogs which cannot be avoided and it is likely that there will be smells from cat litter trays. These will be ammonia smells which typical leak out of informal cat rescues in which the rescuer is perhaps a cat hoarder who can no longer cope resulting in an enormous number of bad odours leaking out of the windows. These people try to prevent the odours escaping from the house which means that inside the house it is incredibly toxic as the fumes build up.

Eventually the smells leak out creating a nuisance. And I’m referring to a legal nuisance which is actionable. Mr Larkhill firmly states that his dogs are quiet and that there is no reason to complain. I am not inferring that his rescue cats create bad smells. I am just explaining some of the problems that can occur.

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