Woman rollerblades with galloping horse companion

This is a very pure form of entertainment within a close bond between horse and human. It is lovely to see. She is a very good rollerblader.

On the relationship between humans and horse, Dr Desmond Morris says that originally you could describe the horse as “man’s best slave” compared to the dog as man’s best friend. Gradually the relationship improved and he says that there is something magnificent about the noble horse being so friendly towards people. It is the nobility of the horse and their willingness to be friendly with people which makes them so special for us. He further says that humans particularly admire the horse because they’re able to move so fast. They are ‘plains-living grazers’ specialised for open country. They have an elegant frame like a “muscle-rippling athlete”. People appreciate the athletic qualities of the horse because we are athletes and fast runners too. Although there is little comparison between humans and horses in this regard. We are amazed by the horse’s pace and grace and they become an extension of our running bodies he says. When riding a horse, the rider fuses with the animal becoming one; “an invincible being – the great centaur of ancient mythology”.

Woman rollerblades with her horse
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Woman rollerblades with her horse. Screenshot.

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