Woman filmed her drowning dog on a smartphone and did not try to save him

Oblivious to her pet’s struggle, the woman continues to film the scene – until the animal settles at the bottom of the pool motionless.


This is the age when creating a viral video is more important than saving the life of your companion animal. That’s exaggerated but it almost gets that way sometimes and in this instance events actually did arrive at that bizarre situation where a Chinese woman filmed her pet bulldog struggling in a pet store swimming pool until he drowned and then belatedly realised that her dog was deceased. She appears to have been unaware or ignored clear signs that her dog was drowning. Perhaps she too busy making sure she got the damn video. It is possible that the breathing difficulties associated with bulldogs (because of their abnormally short nose) was a contributing cause.

Screenshot from video. I won’t show the video.

It happened in Quanzhou, China. Security cameras filmed the entire event. A bulldog was placed in a pet store swimming pool where he immediately struggled and began paddling for his life.

The female owner claimed that she had no idea that her dog could not swim but films him struggling and slowly sinking to the bottom of the pool where he is motionless. Then and only then the woman realises that her dog was in danger and freaked out but it was way too late.

The dog was rushed to a veterinary clinic but declared dead on arrival. The pet store took responsibility. The woman should also take responsibility. She treated her dog as a commodity and was more interested, it seems to me, in obtaining a viral video.

It’s a bit like the selfie craze when people take pictures of themselves on cliff edges and fall over to their deaths or in front of a lion who attacks them. It’s all a bit crazy and many people will do anything to go viral on online social media.

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