Woman became hysterical when her parrot flew away and now faces trial over £792,000 drugs haul

The woman who posted a video on Twitter (see below) was completely shattered (hysterical in fact) and beside herself with grief after her parrot, Chanel, flew off. She was on the edge of a nervous breakdown or was going through one, on camera. It is distressing to see. In the selfie video she pleads with the public to help her recover Chanel. She begs them. It is hard to watch but, in another way, quite addictive. As you might imagine the video went viral. She was reunited with her parrot two days later. But there is a wider story concerning this women and it is not good.

Enjoy the video as it is very unusual:

Her name is Sandra Hannah, 43, of Cumberland Gate, Netherton, Liverpool. She is scheduled to face trial with four others in April 2024. She’s been charged with possession of criminal property after the authorities discovered £790,000 worth of cannabis resin in her possession.

She’s been charged alongside Ian Hannah of the same address. She’s been accused of importing cannabis following a joint operation with National Crime Agency.

The police found 237.6 kg of cannabis resin imported from Spain. She pleaded not guilty and appeared in court on Wednesday, October 11 together with four others. The trial is expected to last around three weeks following a further hearing on November 9, while the trial date has been set to March 4, 2024.

The video on this page caused a sensation, it is said, during the Covid lockdown in 2020. The video became so popular with the viewing public that she was invited to appear on the ITV breakfast This Morning and during the show she revealed that Chanel had been found about a mile away from her home three days after she went missing. The gray parrot went missing again in 2021.

Chanel has their own social media account run by Sandra Hannah and it has racked up 11,000 followers on TikTok.

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