What does horse breath smell like?

There is a police horse called Buzz Man who is very affectionate towards his human partner. She quotes a passage written by a guy called John Lyons who I’ve have not heard of who states that, “When your horse follows you without being asked, when he rubs his head on yours, and when you look at him and feel a tingle down your spine you know you are loved.”

When your horse loves you
When your horse loves you. In the photograph, the police horse, Buzz Man, can smell the woman’s skin and at the same time she can smell his breath. The horse is very affectionate towards her and vice versa. The breath smells of grain, grass and carrots!

And in the photograph Buzz Man presses his nostril against the woman’s face and she said on Twitter that, “I can feel his breath on my cheek. Love that big guy!!.”

And then a person comments by asking, “Does he have puppy breath?” Her response is that horsey breath smells of, “grass and grain with some carrot scent.”

Now I don’t know whether all horsey breath smells the same way but what she’s saying is that it smells of the food that he eats which makes sense. And I guess it’s quite a reasonably nice smell.

Horses have enormously big nostrils because they don’t breathe through their mouths. They always breathe through their noses. The nostrils are already large but they are thin-walled and they allow for greater expansion when exercising extensively when the horse needs to breathe in a lot of air. When horses are bred for slower types of work the nostrils are smaller and the walls of the nostril are thicker and therefore less elastic. That’s what I’m told and so a horse’s nostrils are incredibly important to them, more so than for humans.

It brings to mind the converse. Buzz Man is able to smell the woman’s skin when he breathes in. I suspect that one reason why he puts his nostril against her face is to smell her which he finds attractive because it reminds him of her and, of course, he is very affectionate towards her and vice versa.

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