We must celebrate Brigitte Bardot’s birthday today 28 September

Bridget Bardot is 86-years-of-age today. Her birthday need to be celebrated. She is a wonderful person and a brilliant animal advocate. She says that she gave her life to men when she was young and now gives her life to animals. I’m sure that she is much happier doing the latter than the former.

She has used her celebrity to promote animal welfare. And she says that she knows what it feels like to be hunted as animals are. When she was young and the ultimate screen goddess she was hunted by the paparazzi, strangers and anybody else who wanted a bit of her. People wanted to embrace her, touch her and abuse her. It’s the sort of treatment that humankind dishes out to animals which I’m sure is why she sympathises and understands animal welfare so acutely.

Bardot. Picture in the public domain.

She said, on the publication of her book, Tears of Battle: an Animal Rights Memoir, that, “Humans have hurt me. Deeply. And it is only with animals, with nature, that I have found peace.”

She says that she was extremely shy and as a child she felt ugly. Apparently she has never felt beautiful. She dreaded face-to-face meetings with humans because of shyness.

The sheer dread..that fills me when I am face-to-face with most humans…made me suffer atrociously during my life as an actress. – Bardot

Later on in her film career she would break out with herpes when filming began because of the stress. She is highly distressed by the “unspeakable suffering” of animals as they are subjected to “man’s barbarism every day”.

Do you know, for example, what is done to certain male chicks? They are crushed alive because they are unable to lay eggs and because they do not possess the same assets as chickens raised for flesh. – Bardot

Brigitte Bardot launched her Brigitte Bardot Foundation in St Tropez in 1986. She auctioned her jewellery and other personal possessions to raise 3 million French francs. What a wonderful woman she is. The foundation is dedicated to animal protection and is recognised in France as a public utility.

Let’s celebrate Brigitte Bardot on her birthday at 86-years-of-age. She is a truly beautiful woman and I’m describing her character.

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