Video: 7 dogs dumped out the back of a van and left on a residential street in Coventry

NEWS AND COMMENT – COVENTRY, UK: The kind of person who would dump seven dogs on a street in Coventry fascinates me. I don’t understand it. I don’t know how a person can do this. It is quite unusual to see the actual act of dog abandonment. We know that dogs and cats are not uncommonly abandoned, often in remote places which is even worse because there is less chance for a person to see them and rescue them. But it is the person, themselves, who interest me. And here we see such a person open the rear of his van to release his dogs. They chase around and then he drives off. This is a man of approximately 40-years-of-age by the look of it. He has dark hair and is overweight. He looks scruffy.

The dogs must have bene completely confused and frightened. I don’t know who videoed the event but the RSPCA got hold of the video and they have rescued the dogs. They are investigating to try and track down this individual. He is a ‘white van man’ as we call it in the UK. They are known to be at the bottom end of the spectrum of human behaviour.

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I’ve just discovered that the event was captured on a security camera. The RSPCA say that the dogs smelled of urine and faeces. They were obviously kept in deplorable conditions and neglected. It seems that the man decided enough was enough and he had to get rid of them. Of course, it did not occur to him to take them to a rescue centre. He could not do that because of their neglected state. A really unscrupulous and callous person we have to say.

The CCTV video was recorded at around 2:30 PM on December 30, 2021. The van pulled up into Yewdale Crescent in Coventry. The RSPCA has named the seven dogs: Bertha, Nelly, Tilly, Dottie, Molly, Bob and Ginger. They are recovering at RSPCA rescue centres.

Some of them were microchipped but the details were not registered. The RSPCA are asking for help from the public. She said that the video footage is shocking and that it is heartbreaking “to see the poor dogs in such obvious confusion and distress as the van pulls away.”

A member of the public spotted what was going on and called the police. They were able to capture the dogs and take them to the RSPCA animal hospital. They are mixed-breed dogs including spaniels and terriers. They believe that they were used for breeding. They are probably correct because during the Covid pandemic there was a surge in adoptions which boosted the marketplace for dogs. This led to criminality and puppy mills churning out unhealthy dogs.

If by any chance somebody reads this post and knows something about this, the RSPCA would be pleased if you telephoned them on their appeal line number on 0300 123 8018.

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