UK government sympathetic to obligatory cat micro-chipping

Through Michael Gove it appears that the current Conservative government is sympathetic to the idea of obligatory micro-chipping of cats in the UK. Michael Gove is on record as saying that a Bill being introduced by member of Parliament Rehman Chrishti is a good one. It indicates that he wants to take it forward.

“It’s a good Bill. I’m a cat owner-let’s bring it on.”

Michael Gove
X-ray of microchip in cat. Photo in public domain.

I recorded the sound from a video of the two presenting the idea. Micro-chipping would be very important in reuniting cats killed in road traffic accidents with their owners. At the moment, sometimes, their bodies are simply discarded by the local authority.

Dogs have to be micro-chipped in the UK (since 2016). And dogs are treated better if they are involved in a road traffic accident. It’s time for a change to create equality between cats and dogs in terms of how they are treated after a road traffic accident.

The bill would also require drivers who injure or kill cats to provide details or inform the police. It’s called the Cats Bill.

The problem is that as at 31st March 2019 the Conservative government might fall any minute as we are in the middle of a disastrous Brexit and the party is making a hash of it.

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