Try a piggy walk to de-stress yourself

It looks like this is a new trend which has caught the eye of the news media. According to The Times newspaper, “piggy walks” are proving popular in Wales. They are designed for stressed-out tourists and I suppose stressed-out British workers who want to de-stress. They know that walking in nature is a way of achieving this so why not throw in a kunekune pig to join you because they love going for walkies.

Kunekune pig and piglets
Kunekune pig and piglets. Image: Facebook (Anna Brown).

And we know that pigs are intelligent. This is a species of small hairy pig and judging by the photograph on this page they can be very attractive. If it’s possible for a pig to be attractive which it is because a lot of people love pigs. They are a New Zealand breed. They come in a variety of colors; ginger/black, black/ginger, ginger, cream, black/white, brown/white, and more. The combinations give them a very distinct look and sets them apart from other breeds.

Julia Blazer owns a company which arranges piggy walks. She said:

People feel they can express themselves a bit [with the pigs]. Pigs, obviously are very similar to humans. A lot of people relate to them.

She left London with her husband about 19 years ago to live in Brecon. She wanted to live the rural life. Her design business failed and during the last recession she started the piggy walk business called Good Day Out. It offers experiences with animals in the local area. A percentage of the fees go to charity.

She got the idea after she noticed a group of kunekune pigs living in a field near to her. She added:

“They used to jump over their little electric fencing and go walking”.

She found out that the owner of the pigs, Helena Barnard and a husband take their kunekune pigs for a walk when they go to visit a relative a quarter of a mile away.

She got talking to Helena and Helen asked Julia if people would pay to walk with the pigs. Helena’s husband was sceptical saying, “If they do, I will eat my hat”.

He proved to be incorrect. I’m pleased about that because it is nice to see pigs going for walks with humans in the countryside. It gives the pigs a good life and it helps people to enjoy nature in the company of a really nice sentient animal.

The middle-aged (5-6 years old) female pigs of this breed, Babz, Holly, Hazel and now employed entertaining tourists between April and October.

In addition to the walking trips, they provide more sedate “piggy spa days”. Visitors can get muddy with the animals and brush them.

The piggy trails costs from £35 for two hours. They are regarded as a mental health therapy. Helena said that they have a fair number of people with PTSD and sometimes those with autism. She says that the visitors become relaxed and comfortable around her pigs. And most visitors report “being incredibly happy” after spending time with them.

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