Transport Security Administration agent abuses his working dog companion

This is the tweet accompanying the video below: Animal cruelty is a potential sign of sociopathy. Being a TSA employee is a surefire sign, though.

The video

It is outrageous that this employee is abusing his working dog in this way in plain sight of anyone and everyone in the vicinity which is why someone took the opportunity to video it. He should of course be reprimanded and probably be given a formal warning. Arguably it is an example of gross misconduct warrantying instant dismissal as I would argue that he was committing a crime under America’s animal welfare laws. Any state would consider that a crime, albeit a minor one; a misdemeanour.

Yanking on lead

Marc Bekoff PhD writing on the Psychology Today website states that dogs yanked on their lead may suffer from problems including:

  • frustration
  • anxiety
  • stress – elevated heart rate and blood pressure
  • increased production of corticosteroids
  • damage to the neck including damage to the thyroid and saliva glands and possibly their eyes
  • also possibly more coughing and hacking as reported anecdotally

On that basis, it is not a minor problem to yank your dog on a lead as this security agent is. It’s a minor form of dog abuse at least, no more no less, and of course unnecessary.

Why don’t abused dogs turn on and attack their abusive owners?

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