Stark naked man chases wild boar who stole his laptop

NEWS AND VIEWS: This photograph, and others in the series, taken by Adele Landauer who happened to be in the right place at the right time, are taking the Internet by storm because they are highly unusual. I guess the guy doing the chasing is at least slightly unusual as well.

Naked man chases wild hog
Naked man chases wild hog. Photo by Adele Landuauer.

He’s a nudist and he has allowed Adele to publish her photographs wherever she wants to. I thought that was very good of him. He was attending a nudist area at a lake by Tuefelsberg hill in Berlin’s Grunwald Forest. Nudist swim, sunbathe and frolic around as they love to do at this delightful spot. It was all very healthy, very calm and natural.

But his serenity was destroyed when a wild boar decided to pick up his bag in its jaws thinking that it contained food, perhaps a sandwich. I think it was a female looking to feed her offspring. As it happened, it contained the man’s laptop which he simply could not let go.

So he chased the wild boar and her two offspring through the nudist area to the amusement of everyone who watched (some of whom who are not in the nude). He continued to the edge of the forest where, realising that her naked pursuer was not going to give up, she released the bag. He recovered his laptop.

When he returned everyone he had passed while running stark naked applauded him. I have to admit that it was a very gutsy performance and he deserves the applause.

Adele showed him her photographs. He laughed loudly and authorised her to publish them. A neat little story about the interaction between wild animals and naked men!

Update: a state forestry official, Marc Franusch, said that “Appropriate measures must be taken to avert danger”. What he means is that the boar faces the death penalty. Or to put it another way both the mother and her 2 piglets will be culled according to this officious individual who clearly lacks any sense of humour. I think he should ask the person who ran around naked first to see what he thinks.

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