St John’s woman found guilty of allowing dogs to escape tennis court and kill a cat

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Woman allowed her two dogs to escape a tennis court and kill a cat
Crystal Smith. Photo staff photographer of
Crystal Smith. Photo staff photographer of

A woman, Crystal Smith, living in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada, took two of her four dogs for a walk. She went to a tennis court where she had been before and let them roam freely there after closing the gate because it was an enclosed space.

However, she did not see a hole in the fence and while she was on her cell phone her dogs escaped. They made their way to a place called Wishingwell Place where they encountered a cat on a fence. A neighbour saw what was happening. The dogs were barking at the cat and trying to get him/her. The cat’s name was Meshroudi.

Then the dogs grabbed the cat and mauled him to death on the ground. Smith arrived and it took her 27 minutes to contain her dogs and to get them into her car. They were bloodied.

In essence, you were reckless, letting the dogs off leash when you had no authority to take them off leash

Judge Lori Marshall

Smith was tried after being charged under the province’s Animal Health and Protection Act. The charge: unlawfully allowing a companion animal to cause a hazard and failing to keep a dog tethered or penned. She pleaded not guilty but was found guilty. She’ll be sentenced on June 25th. The crime occurred in August 2018.