Driver avoids speeding fine because flying pigeon obscures his face

Never criticise the humble pigeon again, please. The pigeon is considered a pest by many. I see them as having rights like any other animal. They are smart and wonderful navigators.

And in this instance a driver in Berlin escaped a speeding fine because at the precise moment the camera snapped the car a pigeon was flying directly in front of his face (he looks male to me).

They have called it divine intervention. The silly thing is the driver was doing 33.5 mph in a 30 mph zone. If you take a 10% margin for speedo inaccuracy, the diver was doing 0.5 mph above the speed limit! Makes you mad doesn’t it! Definitely a case for divine intervention and common sense. I have a strong feeling that this guy is not the type to be a reckless breaker of the law.

The fine would have been 105 euros. The picture is provided by the police in Viersen, Germany. Picture: Kreispolizeibehoerde Viersen via AP.