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Sophisticated two-tier rat trap baited with peanut butter Oreos is the best in NYC

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Ekomille rat trap

NEWS AND COMMENT-NEW YORK CITY, USA: Ekomille traps have won praise from the new mayor of New York City, Eric Adams, who declared them “amazing”. He was recently sworn in as the 110th mayor of New York City.

Ekomille rat trap

Ekomille rat trap. Pic in the public domain (deemed).

Peanut butter Oreos

Peanut butter Oreos. Photo in public domain.

New York City needs these sophisticated rat traps and they also need what is considered to be the best bait for rats.

“Peanut butter Oreos are the best”, said Jim Webster, director of operations at Rat Trap Distribution which leases the Ekomille traps that are appearing throughout Manhattan.

Rat sightings across New York were up 40% last year. Restaurants in the city have blamed the infestation on a decline in regular street cleaning and rubbish collection.

As a consequence, restaurant owners have turned to sophisticated traps such as the Ekomille. The problem is that the rats are spoilt for choice with respect to the kind of food available to them. This, is why, I guess, after a lot of trial and error they discovered that peanut butter Oreos are THE bait to catch them in combination with this high-tech trap.

Ekomille rat trap

Ekomille rat trap. Photo: Product sales picture.

The 2-foot-high traps are split into two levels. In the top compartment is the bait. The Oreos are broken into crumbs. The rats are allowed to gorge on them for days.

After about a week or so when the rats have become comfortable and familiar with the trap, they activate them. The rat drops through from the upper tier to the lower compartment where they drown in alcohol.

The Rat Trap Distribution business leases the traps for $250 a month. Business is growing. About 200 have been installed across New York. The company is contracting with other cities and districts in the state.

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