Snake wraps itself around my friend’s hair

Snake wrapped around a person's hair
Snake wrapped around a person’s hair. Photo: Reddit.

An interesting photograph from The photograph is both interesting and a little disturbing at the same time. The snake looks like a hair accessory of some sort but it’s not! All in all a very strange photograph which needs to be published. I must presume that the snake is someone’s pet. I know some people keep snakes as pets but I don’t really get it. The snake can’t be venomous and must be very passive for these two people to allow this to happen. And there are two people here: the one with the snake around his hair and the person photographing the event. There is nothing more to say. I don’t know the species of snake. It almost looks like an albino because it is so white. Someone said that it is a ball python. No idea if that is correct. They have cute faces.

Note: this is not my friend 🙂 The title is taken from Reddit (modified slightly).


The same photograph is republished above but embedded from the website. Sometimes these embedded videos or photographs stop working which is why I have duplicated the image above.