“Rex” has a century-old statue in Brooklyn cemetery where people place sticks to honor his memory

Green-Wood Cemetery is a 478-acre cemetery in the western portion of Brooklyn, New York City near the corner of Sycamore and Greenbough Avenues. Although it is the final resting place for many famous departed New York residents, this Halloween a dog named Rex is getting a lot of attention.

dog statue with sticks
Visitors leave sticks to honor Rex (Stacy Locke)

Rex has been honored at the cemetery (perhaps his final hunting grounds) for more than 100 years. In life, Rex was the loyal pet of Jon E. Stow, a leading fruit merchant in the late 1800s. Since he’s still standing guard over his owner, people in the area consider Rex a “good dog” and continue to leave sticks around his bronze statue.

Communications manager for Green-Wood Cemetery recently told The Dodo

When it comes to Rex, he obviously stands out. People see him from the road — it’s sort of a prominent spot, right off of the intersection of two roads here. People will drop a stick across his little paws. Someone also left a picture of a dog there once, maybe their little pet who passed away, as to say, ‘Rex, look after my little one.

Rex bronze statue
Rex statue is near his owners grave (Green-Wood Cemetery)

There are plenty of sticks located near his statue and Rex is so well known that people are constantly tweeting about him. With COVID-19 having such an impact, a lot of people are visiting his grave to decompress and enjoy nature while social distancing.

The cemetery’s board of trustees prohibited animal burials in 1879. So Rex has been there a very long time. Locke added he’s not the only dog receiving gifts.

There’s another dog sculpture that has a similar mysterious story but it’s a little bit more off the beaten path. And that one typically has toys left on it.

dog statue
Rex is still considered a good boy (Green-Wood Cemetery)

Rex can be paid tribute at his statue at Lot 2925, Section 81. Although it’s unknown whether his actual remains are resting there, people who visit like to think he’s spending eternity next to his beloved person. Even if it’s only in spirit.

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