Retired UK greyhounds shipped to Pakistan

The greyhound protection group Campaign Against Greyhound Exploitation & Death (CAGED) have reported that British greyhounds past their prime are being shipped to Pakistan to race there. They report that they race under ‘intolerable’ conditions with little concern for animal welfare.

Banner Glory in Pakistan

Banner Glory in Pakistan. Uknown photographer. Deemed in the public domain.

When they are no longer of any use as racers in Pakistan they are sold to pig hunters and used to breed puppies to hunt and fight wild pigs. The dogs are usually ‘torn to shreds, bleeding to death’ according to Rita James of CAGED.

National papers the Daily Mirror and the Sunday People cover the immoral greyhound exports to Pakistan & share our…

Posted by CAGED Nationwide on Saturday, March 20, 2021

One example tells the story. A dog called Banner Glory was owned by Joseph Fisher. He is a former Greyhound Board of Great Britain (GBGB) licensed trainer. He sold his dog to a British trainer in 2019 for £600. He was told that Banner Glory would continue racing in the UK. He said that he was unhappy that he’s ended up in Pakistan.

Banner Glory is now owned by a racing group in Pakistan.

Greyhounds shipped from UK to Pakistan when retired from racing

Greyhounds shipped from UK to Pakistan when retired from racing. Image in public domain.

CAGED wants to band all greyhound exports from the UK and Ireland. Currently it is not illegal to export greyhounds to countries with unverified welfare standards but it is not condoned by CAGED.

Comment: I can remember many years ago seeing a farmer killing retired greyhounds and placing the bodies in a wheelbarrow in which they were taken to a pit for burial. The life of a retired racing greyhound is precarious it seems. Something needs to be done to protect them.