Researchers found that young children can stress and distress dogs

Boy and dog
Boy and dog. Photo: Pixabay.

Young kids through inappropriate behaviour can make a dog stressed and distressed. The problem is that young children can do certain things which upset dogs. These are: children shouting and screaming, creating a noise and having tantrums, handling and interacting with dogs in an unprovoked manner including touching and stroking and forcing dogs to play children’s games such as having to dress up.

All three are based on a potential problem which is that children are often unaware or insensitive to a companion dog’s needs, likes and dislikes. It’s obviously down to the parents to ensure that their children interact with the companion dog in an appropriate manner and in a way which respects the dog’s emotions and desires.

It’s no good forcing oneself on a companion animal and the above list of problems could equally apply to the domestic cat in my opinion. Dogs and cats are very good for children. They introduce children to animals allowing them to learn about animal welfare. They also calm children and improve their lives. It is beholden upon children to reciprocate their gift through proper, considerate behaviour as instructed to them by their parents who should be enlightened about dog and cat behaviour.

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