Picture of extremely rare albino guanaco

Very rare albino guanaco a close relative of the llama.
Very rare albino guanaco a close relative of the llama. Photo: Villavicencio Nature Reserve.

Spotted in an Argentine nature reserve free of visitors since the lockdown a very rare albino guanaco looked at the camera. This animal is a South American camelid closely related to the llama. It was filmed at the Villavicencio Nature Reserve in the western province of Mendoza which has been closed since March.

We are happy about this sighting as it confirms again the importance of continuing with our conservation work in this unique natural reserve.

Silvina Giudici, a park official.

Thanks to their conservation the guanaco population has increased by 35 per cent in recent years. It is believe that this individual was filmed in 2017.

As is the case in many other areas and countries, natural habitat is being destroyed for soya plantations and cattle farms. This is due to continued human population growth which cannot be discussed by leaders as it is not politically correct.

Source: The Times.

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