Mother cows kill humans when defending their calves

It is commonplace to read stories in the newspaper of mother cows defending their calves by attacking perceived intruders aggressively. They might be a couple of walkers who have wandered into the cows’ field which has a right of way passing through it. This is very dangerous for humans. Only a month or two ago I read of a man killed by a mother cow. And now today there is another death.

Mother cow attacks man after he picked up her calf.
Mother cow attacks man after he picked up her calf. Screenshot from video below.

An 82-year-old man has died after cattle trampled him to death when he disturbed them and their calves. It occurred in the Yorkshire Dales, England. They were walking near the Ribblehead viaduct last Saturday. The man died at the scene while his wife was airlifted to Royal Lancaster Infirmary but is not believed to be seriously injured.

It is a reminder of the extreme danger in disturbing cattle and calves. Cows are perceived as gentle and non-threatening. They are until they think a person is trying to take their calves as this video shows.

Source of the story: The Times June 1 2020.

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