Picture of a dog painted as a tiger in Malaysia

Just another example of animal abuse, I’m afraid. There is a report on the Facebook website that a dog has been painted orange with black stripes to resemble a tiger. It took place in Malaysia. The Malaysian Animal Association posted pictures of the dog on Facebook. They demanded that the perpetrator be arrested and are a offering a mystery gift to anyone who helps.

Help Animal Malaysia: find out where location and who belongs to? Mystery gift awaits the complete information if it’s in this country. Whatsapp Hotline Animal Malaysia + 601120901097

Animal advocates are appealing for help in identifying the perpetrator. They are understandably very angry.

Dog painted as tiger in Malaysia
Dog painted as tiger in Malaysia. Facebook photos from Persatuan Haiwan Malaysia – Malaysia Animal Association.

Perna Dhall, for example, said on Twitter:

A stray dog was painted to make it look like a tiger in Malaysia and this is not at all funny, cute, heroic or whatever the hell these people were thinking before doing such an act. It is nothing but stupid and sadistic to spray chemicals on an animal.

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