Pensioner fined £100 for walking his dying dog on a beach

Frank Ward, 73, took his dying dog, Henry, on the local beach for a final walk but was fined £100 for his efforts. He had breached the local bylaws.

Frank and Henry. Photo: Frank

He was spotted by a local council worker who noticed that he was breaking a summer dog ban. Frank was pushing his old English sheepdog in a stroller on Cleveley’s beach near Blackpool, Lancashire.

Sue is Frank’s ex.

Mr Ward said that his dog had severe arthritis and that he fell out of the stroller when it hit a sand bank. His dog was deposited upon the beach which meant he was in breach of the bylaw.

Henry in stroller. Photo: Triangle

He was liable to be fined as soon as his dog’s paw touched the sand! The council refused to rescind the fine but allowed Frank more time to pay.

Rita Amos, a Wyre counsellor said that the dog should have been strapped in the stroller.

“Rules are rules, unfortunately.”

Local media got hold of the story, put pressure on the council which led to them waving the fine. They saw sense at last. This is a jobsworth Council lacking imagination and a bit of humanity.

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