Pedigree dogs are looked after better than random bred dogs?

There is an argument that purebred, pedigree dogs are cared for to a higher standard than mongrels a.k.a. random bred dogs. I suppose the argument is that if a couple purchase a purebred dog they are more likely to care for that “possession” more precisely and with greater gentleness and concern than a mongrel which you adopt from a rescue centre and which are two a penny. The mongrel dog is associated with dog overpopulation. They are often surplus to requirements. Some people regard stray mongrels as disease-ridden scavenging hordes which have given the dog a bad name.

Heartrending picture of street cat and dog
Heartrending picture of street cat and dog. The “diseased mongrel” forgotten but a cat has not forgotten him. Photo: PoC

People who adopt mongrels from rescue centres are doing the right thing because they see themselves as having the right attitude towards dog ownership (guardianship). They want a faithful, friendly companion and they scorn the over-bred, highly prized and specialised pedigree breeds, criticising them because their features are often taken to extremes causing health issues and they are inbred in order to create those distinguishing anatomical features.

Who is correct? It depends whether you are into possessing a beautiful creature or doing the right thing and reducing the unwanted dog population and caring for a dog that needs to be cared for and who is stuck in a shelter about to be euthanised because nobody wants him or her.

It’s really a question about decency and morality. It’s about culture and ethics. The more ethical approach is to adopt and care for a mongrel. This must be obvious. Until there are no unwanted dogs in the world it will always be like that. The argument that true dog lovers have is that breeding pedigree dogs, which is done en masse sometimes at puppy mills under very poor conditions, is immoral when there are so many unwanted dogs being put down in shelters.

To owners of pedigree dogs, the mongrel-keepers are the thin edge of the wedge which leads to dog neglect and strays who are uncared for. I suppose they are suggesting that the kind of person who lives with a mongrel is also the kind of person who lets them breed perhaps carelessly and some end up on the streets as strays. Perhaps the elite owners of pedigree dogs look down upon mongrel dog owners. Perhaps it is a sort of class war. Pedigree dog owners argue that if all dogs were purebred there would be no anti-dog feelings and dogs would be better valued in society as precious objects rather than unwanted items that are sometimes treated as trash.

It is a sad world if we can discuss dogs in these terms. All dogs are equal and equally good. Humans domesticated them. As for cats, there is an unwritten contract. The dog serves their human master, entertains them and keeps them company. Sometimes they provide a service such as security. In return, the human feeds their dog and ensures that they are safe and secure. That’s the deal. It is unceremoniously broken by humans countless times over countless centuries while the dog remains faithful to the contract.

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