Origin of the word ‘pony’

This is the origin of the word ‘pony’. I have created a flow chart to explain the origin and evolution of the English word ‘pony’ as the creation of a modern word is a evolutionary process over hundreds and sometimes thousands of years. Today we use the word to mean a small horse which is not more than 58 inches (14.2 hands) high, regardless of age or sex. Feel free to use the flow chart as you wish (right click and save as..). The source is Dr Desmond Morris, a world renowned ‘English zoologist, ethologist and surrealist painter, as well as a popular author in human sociobiology’.


Pony. Image by CANDICE CANDICE from Pixabay.

Origin of the word pony

Origin word pony. My thanks to Dr Desmond Morris’s book Horsewatching.


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