Motorist uses car to stop a dog attacking a man and his dog

The video shows you what happened. The news media are saying that a passing motorist saw what was going on: a big dog attacking a man with his small dog and ‘rammed’ the attacking dog with his car as he mounted the pavement. This is not quite accurate as you can see in the video because the man did drive his car off the road onto the pavement but didn’t exactly ram the dog but what he did appears to have stopped the attack.

The video is quite disturbing because the attacking dog dragged the man into the road. Both him and his dog at one stage are on the dual carriageway. He could have been struck by a car and killed at that stage. The same applies to his dog. I think he was quite lucky in some ways.

The video shows a man being set upon by a large brown dog. It occurred in Sheffield. He had his small dog on a lead. He did all he could to keep the big dog from attacking his small dog. This must have been very noticeable to passing motorists which led the driver intervening as described.

The last we see in the video is the man wandering off to the right after his dog. It would seem that at that stage the attacking dog had stopped. The video was captured on a security camera belonging to the homeowner opposite the road whose name is Meeran Hassan. He said that he had just come back home from work when he saw the incident. He said that he had complained about the dog loads of times to the police but they had never turned up nor done anything about it.

The police were called to the Handsworth area by I guess somebody else or perhaps by the man mentioned above. They were able to restrain the dog and sees it. The injured man was left with serious wounds to his arm and was taken to hospital.

South Yorkshire police then announced that a 53-year-old man from the city had been arrested on suspicion of having a dangerous dog out of control. That man is in custody.

The dog concerned was believed to live at a nearby property and had jumped over a wall before pouncing on the victim.

The dog is described as a mastiff-type dog. That’s interesting because all the talk recently is about the American XL bully dog which is going to be banned in the UK because of too many attacks on people and pets. But here we have example of where a dog which I presume is not banned under the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 attacking somebody dangerously.

It points to the fact that when dogs attack people it is not about the dog breed or dog type but more about the breeder of these dogs and their owners who are being irresponsible by failing to take charge as an alpha-leader should.

There are people who think that banning dogs by breed is unworkable and the better course of action is to tackle ownership and breeding. Some say that the above-mentioned act does not work whereas others disagree with that. It’s a complicated issue.

One person, an American animal advocate, Nathan Winograd, who knows a lot about dogs and cats says that you don’t ban breeds but you deal with individual dogs and their ownership. And of course, the American XL bully is not a dog breed anyway but a type of dog. They are not registered with a dog association as a purebred pedigree dog.

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