Mom nurses her kittens production line style

A production line of suckling kittens. This is an usual photograph. It is cute though. The interesting aspect of kittens being nursed is that each kitten finds and sticks to their own private nipple. It is theirs and theirs alone. This aspect of kitten behaviour helps create order and eliminate fights. You can see it in this cute photo.

Great mom cat nurses her kittens production line style
Great mom cat nurses her kittens production line style. Photo: Pinterest.

The kittens identify their nipple through its fragrance. This has been proved through a test. If the mother’s belly is cleaned to remove the natural odour the kittens fail to find their favourite nipples. They become disorientated and peaceful drinking turns to squabbling and confusion.

Nipple identification is important to create an orderly production line nursing of the litter of kittens.

The first feed that the kittens receive is important as it immunises them against disease. The mother’s first milk is colostrum. It is rich in antibodies, minerals and proteins. It is produced for several days until the normal milk supply comes onstream.

The immunity that the kittens enjoy from the colostrum last for about 8-12 weeks. At which point the kittens are vaccinated against disease.

At each meal kittens drink between 2-3 millilitres (half a teaspoon) of milk. They feed on average three times daily.

At 2 weeks of age they take between 5-7 millilitres at each meal (1-1.5 teaspoons).


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