Maxed out on social media Maxine, fluffy corgi’s monster success

Maxine and Bryan
Maxine and Bryan. Screenshot from Maxine’s Instagram page.

Maxine is a super cute, fluffy corgi living in New York City with her human guardian Bryan Reisberg. She has a wonderful butt; peachy to use the words of Bryan. She goes where he goes and you can see that she is well trained. Or perhaps he is. She walks into the backpack (see video) in which he carries her around on the underground or anywhere else for that matter. She has at least three social media accounts: Instagram, TikTok and YouTube. She’s everywhere and she has the right to be everywhere because she’s adorable.

She has no tail. Corgis are born with a short tail or without a tail but I’m told that the majority have their tails docked between 2 to 5 days old because the breed standard demands it and because of historical tradition. When they were doing their job herding, tail docking was required, it is said. Just a point to make which kind of spoils the fun because some people don’t like the idea of tail docking. It is modifying the anatomy of an animal to suit humans. Is that right? I’ll just leave that question in the air without trying to answer it although I know the answer.

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