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Man’s head in dog’s jaws (video)

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Dog with human head in his jaws

The video is on a separate page where there are no adverts to avoid upsetting advertisers. Please click on the link to see it, if you are in the mood for a bit of horror. You can see a still image from the video by clicking on the following link: Dog with human head in his jaws. (opens new tab/page).

This, however, is not a movie but the real thing. And where might this be possible? Mexico, of course. Perhaps I am being racist or prejudiced but Mexico does have a terrible reputation for gang warfare and brutal slayings with the headless victims strung up under flyovers. Or is that the way movies portray Mexico’s criminality? I am not sure but a lot of our thoughts about Mexico come from American films. And they nearly always portray the country as lawless.

The video is on Twitter without any warning. Freedom of speech under Elon Musk 😎. Although viewers are protected from the gore by the darkness and poor video quality. Please click the link below. The video opens on a new tab/page.

Stray dog trots down dark street in Mexico with the head of a man in his jaws

Comments about the video as you might expect are about Mexico:

“2002 was the last time I stepped foot in Mexico. I used to live in Southern California so on rare occasions, I would go to Tijuana for a few hours. It had such a weird, dangerous vibe, I never went back. This is hell on earth!” – RR.

Stray dogs – humankind’s cruel negligence

We have to presume that this dog is hungry, and he has found the head lying somewhere in the street and decided to eat it. He is carrying the head away to a safe place where he can eat it at his leisure. That is the only conclusion I can make.

And it draws to mind another issue about Mexico and of course many other countries (all countries?) namely the street dogs. These are abandoned dogs or dogs that are the offspring of feral dogs. They have no home when they should have a home. They have no human companion when they should have a human companion.

They are a symptom of human carelessness and a failure of dog domestication. It upsets me. And these dogs are often treated brutally and with great cruelty. This compounds the cruel negligence of the humans who allowed these dogs to be created or become homeless.

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