Love and teamwork in spades saved this abandoned dog

A mountain of tender loving care, acres of teamwork, a bottomless pit of patience and colossal commitment saved this dog. Mama, as she was named, had been abandoned because she had become pregnant. She lived alone in a field and in an orchard for a year or more near Ducor, California, USA. She was rescued by Safefurr Place Animal Rescue. Danny is the guy you see in the video. He is a totally awesome person. His patience is bottomless and his gentleness boundless.

Mama, an abandoned dog who was rescued after living in a field in California for over a year. Screenshot image.

Mama was so traumatised it seems by her abandonment that she was incredibly nervous of human contact. She wanted it but wouldn’t allow herself to have it. Perhaps she had totally lost her trust in humankind. She had lost it in a second of human cruelty and it took four months of daily visits to finally rescue her. Stick with the video because it is very emotional and fascinating and also incredibly heartwarming and positive.

It ends happily but the ending is not the end of the story. Mama is, as I dictate this article, still being rehabilitated. She is living with Danny and he is continuing his patient work to get her used to living with people in a nice home.

Mama ready to be transported to Danny's home
Mama ready to be transported to Danny’s home. Screenshot.

I wonder whether she’ll ever get over her trauma. She may never but I think that she’ll become a wonderful companion. She wants to play. You can see that beautiful request to play in the video when she does the play-bow. It’s an invitation and Mama did it so beautifully. I wonder if Danny should have played with her at that moment? He knows best. He had to be so carefully not to spook Mama.

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