Larry the Cat sneaks under President Trump’s car

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Larry the cat under President Trump's car
Larry the Cat under President Trump's car.
Larry under ‘the beast’. Photo in public domain.

Larry the Cat as you might well know lives at the residence and office of the Prime Minister of the UK. He is the resident mouser and he’s quite famous. You may also know that the president has recently visited the UK to meet the Queen and take part in all the usual ceremonies and banquets that a visiting head of state does including having a chat with the Prime Minister. While he was doing so Larry decided to go under the president’s car which is famously called “the beast” because it is so large and heavy.

Larry the Cat getting involved.
The ever present Larry making his mark.

In taking up residence below the rear axle of the car Larry stopped the president’s entourage leaving his meeting with the Prime Minister. This is hardly a news story but it is a nice snippet of everyday cat life which I think brings the proceedings back to earth and normalises them.

Domestic cats do that. This is why they’re so calming. Domestic cats calm you down and take you out of yourself so you can shed some of the stresses of life, reset your brain and then carry on slightly refreshed. Larry has no conception of the importance of people. This is also something which I like and which I think it healthy.