Is it legal to own a raccoon in Texas?

It is perfectly legal to own or have custody of a raccoon in Texas. There is no law preventing a person from owning a raccoon as a pet in Texas as at the date of this article. Other websites found by Google in a search disagree and state that you can’t own raccoons legally. I have referred to Texas law which I believe is current and therefore I’m sure that I am correct. I am sure that they are wrong as you can apply for a license if you want to own a dangerous wild animal such as a tiger or lion. Please read on….

Raccoon. Image by icg_digitalart from Pixabay

However, when asking whether or not it is legal to own a raccoon in Texas, you have to ask beforehand whether we are referring to an individual person, for example, a citizen of the state of Texas, or an organisation such as a zoo, circus or research facility. I will assume that the question is made in relation to an individual person who wants to own a raccoon.

Under these circumstances I can confirm that it is legal to own a raccoon in Texas because the raccoon is not listed as a dangerous wild animal under SUBCHAPTER E. DANGEROUS WILD ANIMALS of HEALTH AND SAFETY CODE. TITLE 10. HEALTH AND SAFETY OF ANIMALS. CHAPTER 822. REGULATION OF ANIMALS. This is the statute created in Texas which sets out the animal laws involved which dictate whether a person can or cannot own a raccoon in Texas.

P.S. The same rules apply to wolves suprisingly, so wolves can be owned legally in Texas but NOT hyenas. If you are not a zoo, circus or research facility you’ll need a registration certificate from the authorities if you want to own a hyena in Texas. You can read more about owning hyenas in Texas by clicking here. The other animals that require a certificate of registration if you want to own or possess one in Texas are as follows: a lion, tiger, ocelot, cougar, leopard, cheetah, jaguar, bobcat, lynx, serval, caracal, hyena (as mentioned), bear, coyote, jackal, baboon, chimpanzee, orangutan and the gorilla (and hybrids of these wild animals).

Click here to read the entire statute as there are many other conditions. Good luck.

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