How many animal abuse posts are Facebook moderators seeing?

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Mark Zuckerberg has publicised his efforts to moderate off the Facebook platform unacceptable posts, pictures and videos of bestiality, terrorism and beheadings. The moderators claim that they are poorly paid and that the confidentiality agreement prevents them discussing their work with counsellors. They want to see experts because of the psychological impact of dealing with explicit material. They feel that their work conditions are unacceptable.

“People have been pushed to a point where they feel their personhood, as well as their work, has been devalued because they are viewed as interchangeable parts in a machine.”

They want higher pay and a loosening of the rules to allow them to speak to mental health counsellors about their work. Most of them are employed by third-party contractors i.e. outsourced.

In response, one of these contractors, Accenture, said that their employee agreements do not restrict their employees’ ability to talk to psychotherapists or clinicians.

Facebook has raised wages for content moderators but they are still complaining. A woman living in California working as a moderator for Facebook has sued the company for PTSD.

What interests me as much as the damage done to these moderators is how many videos and posts are being uploaded to Facebook which concern animal abuse in one form or the other. The statistics would be interesting and useful because it would present a reflection of society as to the level of unacceptable behaviour between human and animal which is the topic of this website.