Heroic and dangerous dog rescue from flooded river using a JCB


You wouldn’t see this sort of dog rescue in Europe. Europeans are far too refined. Correction: less courageous is a better description. The man who is on the end of this JCB digger is a totally awesome individual. He has tons of courage and takes a big risk to grab the dog from the opposite side of the swollen river. He is delighted when he makes it and his colleagues who are watching are also thrilled. You have to be very impressed but concerned at the same time. It always amazes me how so much effort, commitment and courage can go into rescuing a single individual dog when you will find that in this Indian state, Telangana, there will be tens of thousands of stray dogs starving, injured, diseased and suffering. Something rather bizarre is going on in India. You seem to have two types of people: those who are genuinely concerned about animal welfare and will risk their lives to help and those who don’t give a damn; certainly they have little regard for preventing the creation of unwanted companion animals through sterilisation programs.

Heroic dog rescue from bank of swollen river in Telangana state in India using a JCB digger
Heroic dog rescue from bank of swollen river in Telangana state in India using a JCB digger. Screenshot.

The reason why the video is divided into three portions is because it was made on a smartphone in the vertical position and was tweeted in that format. Just so you know in case you wondered why it looks so bizarre!

The men carrying out this rescue are part of the “home guard”. The man at the end of the JCB digger is Mujeeb-ur-Rehman. He deserves some sort of animal rescue medal given by the administrators of the state. The man concerned said that he didn’t hesitate to rescue the dog. The use of the JCB digger was innovative and very clever but it looks pretty scary at the same time. When they got the stray dog out of the river they released it in the village where it had come from. Back, no doubt, to a difficult and troublesome life. It makes you wonder. The rescue was praised by the local police superintendent.

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