Governor of West Virginia raises his dog’s backside to the cameras and tells Bette Midler to “kiss her hiney”

NEWS AND COMMENT-WEST VIRGINIA CAPITOL BUILDING: The governor of West Virginia, Jim Justice, performed a demeaning stunt on his British Bulldog at the end of his televised State of the State address last Friday. Both Mr Justice and his bulldog, Babydog, are obese by the way. He’s one of those guys who has normalised obesity thinking that it’s a normal weight. He has projected this attitude onto his dog companion.

I can’t show the picture on this page because I think advertisers might object to it. You can view it by clicking on the link below. Sorry about that but I am being cautious. Once again it shows the irony of this situation. For the ‘featured image’ I have covered the dog’s backside out of respect to the dog.

Click the link to see the image

Jim Justice says ‘kiss her hiney’ to Bette Midler on camera during State of the State address

Mr Justice has used his dog as a tool to insult Bette Midler on television. And in doing so he has demeaned his dog in an objectionable way which tells us about the kind of person he is.

Mr Justice was in a spat with Bette Midler. Midler had criticised West Virginia in a tweet saying that the state falls behind most others in key areas such as health and education. She said that Jim Justice was responsible and that a dog’s rear end would make a better governor than Mr Justice.

Mr Justice used the opportunity of his state addressed to have a pop at Bette Midler. And you can see in the photograph – which is a screenshot of the video made from the television presentation – he raised his struggling and obese British Bulldog into the air and presented his pet’s backside (hiney) to the cameras while saying “kiss her hiney!”

He also said that “Absolutely too many people doubted us. They never believed in West Virginia. They told every bad joke in the world about us. And from that standpoint, Babydog tells Bette Midler and all those out there, kiss her hiney!”

He laughed as he received a round of applause. Clearly, he was defending his performance and the state. Something good must have happened but it’s not clear what it is. However, the point of the article is that he should not have abused his dog in this way.

It’s an abuse of a companion animal albeit a minor one. It might be amusing to viewers and the public in general but I suspect that quite a few members of the public don’t like to see it either.

In response, Bette Midler tweeted: “Here we can see a dog’s a******. Right next to it is the butt of Jim Justice’s dog.”

I think that’s quite funny, actually, and quite clever.

Postscript: in the comment section of the article on MSN News, one commenter said that he is not allowed to use the word “hiney” when making a comment because if he did it would be removed by the administrators at MSN. This is highly ironic bearing in mind that the governor of West Virginia can use the word on television in front of millions.

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