French bulldog chews through interior door to see her friend

MERTHYR TYDFIL, GLAMORGAN WALES-NEWS: In a scene reminiscent of Jack Nicholson poking his head through a shattered interior door in a hotel in the film The Shining, a female French bulldog, whose name is Red, chewed through an interior door so that she could have a look at her friend, Stevie, The Daily Mail reports.

Red poked her head through the door to have a nose and to see what’s going on. Her face looked so inquisitive, or sad I suppose. She’s very nosy and follows me everywhere. If I put a shower on she’s in there before me. She’s my shadow. – Joanne, Red’s owner.

Red a French bulldog chews her way through an interior door

Red a French bulldog chews her way through an interior door. Photo: Kennedy News and Media.

Red is six-years-of-age and she had to be separated from her pal Stevie when she came into season but she (and Stevie?) chewed through the door so they could see each other.

Red and Stevie live with Joanne and her husband Dean. Comment: it seems to me that they allowed Red to breed because she said, “Red was two when she had Stevie and….as he grew older he wanted a slice of the action but he wasn’t getting it”.

This implies that Stevie is Red’s son. They are both full of personality. Red is a bit destructive because she rips underwear and socks to shreds. Joanne said that, “Red has always been bonkers – such a character and as funny as heck. She goes off on a mad one and Stevie just looks at her as if to say ‘what on earth are you doing?'”

Joanna and Dean

Joanna and Dean. Photo: Kennedy News and Media

Comment: perhaps Joanne is a dog breeder. French bulldogs are very popular at the moment, perhaps the most popular small dog in Britain. There’s been a surge in adoptions during lockdowns as people are aware. Perhaps Joanne has jumped on the bandwagon and bred her female dog to make a bit of money.