Former female Afghan MP’s dog was hanged by the Taliban after Western troops evacuated

NEWS AND COMMENT-AFGHANISTAN: This is another depressing and distressing example of the speciesism (animal racism) of the Islamic faith. In very general terms, Muslims grant dogs very few if any rights. Dogs are considered to be unclean. This leads to abuse and worse. On the contrary, domestic cats are treated better because the Prophet Muhammad loved cats or so it is said in the religious books.


Taliban fighters pose for a photograph in Kabul, Afghanistan, Thursday, Aug. 19, 2021. (AP Photo/Rahmat Gul)

At the moment, the British foreign office is trying to rescue a desperate Afghan MP whose dog was hanged by the Taliban after Western troops evacuated the country. The MP concerned as a woman. About half of Afghanistan’s 69 female MPs have been rescued by Western governments apparently.

The Conservative MP in Britain for Wealden, Nusrat Ghani, has been in contact with the Afghan MP concerned. She is moving between safe houses and while doing this her dog was hanged, she said. The conversation between the British MP and the former Afghan MP was “very emotional” according to Ghani when speaking on Times Radio.

Ghani said that the Afghan MP was “in tears, living day by day, I received messages saying, ‘I’m not sure whether I’m going to survive the night. This is how desperate she is'”

That’s all I have on the hanging of this dog, perhaps thankfully because it is a very gruesome image that comes to mind. A friend of Mr Farthing, Dave, who founded and operated the animal welfare charity Nowzad said that both his dogs were shot by the Taliban. He had to leave them behind when he evacuated

And to add to the distress, American military contractors left behind very many dogs in locked carriers inside buildings where they would appear to be starving to death or if the Taliban got to them they would be shot. It was a gross, horrible act of animal cruelty by the Americans. Perhaps, in this instance, the Americans are no better than the Taliban.

For the sake of clarity, ‘speciesism’ is when a person prefers one animal over another. I’ve called it animal racism because it is not founded upon any reasonable argument or justification. It’s just a preference and it can lead to abuses which I don’t like. All animals should be treated equally whether we like them or not. And the same goes for people which is obvious. These rights are protected by the constitution in developed countries. The same cannot be said about animal rights.



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