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Fish with scary human teeth

Fish with human teeth

The teeth are remarkably like a human’s. This fish was apparently spotted by some beachgoers in the Outer Banks in North Carolina. The picture is published on Jeannette’s Pier via Facebook entitled “Fish with terrifying teeth”.

Fish with human teeth

Fish with human teeth. Photo: Facebook ‘Jeanette’s Pier’.

As you might expect the fish is named after the head of a sheep! They are a bit similar but the teeth look like a human’s except they’ve been to one of those cosmetic dentists who give you really large tombstone-like teeth.

The teeth are designed to crush oysters and other prey. This species of fish is normally found near reefs, jetties and rocks. They also call it the ‘convict fish’ because it got black and white stripes. They are apparently very hard to catch but once caught and cooked they taste great.

A guy called Martin caught the fish. He said that he was out fishing with his brother last Monday when he came across a fish with a “mouthful of teeth”. He caught the fish under a pier.

As you can imagine the photograph has provoked a reaction on social media. To some the teeth look like dentures and others commented admiringly about their wish to have teeth as good as that. A lot of people would give their right arm to have teeth that good! One said that the teeth are better than hers!



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