Father dog gives biscuit to his son because he thought he didn’t get one

A cute dog video. There are two versions on the page because the Reddit version is badly formatted and the YouTube version may disappear. So you’ll get one with a bit of luck. But remember they may both disappear!!


My dog giving his biscuit to his son. The dad thought the son didn’t get one and stood by the door until I opened it so he could give to his son. I cried.
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Father dog carries biscuit to his son
Father dog carries biscuit to his son. Screenshot from video on this page.

The father bringing a biscuit for his son is a reflection of what wolves do in the wild. Wolves live in packs and the pack is made up of the parents and their pups from the preceding few years. When wolf cubs are about three weeks of age they start eating meat. They are too young to hunt. Adult wolves bring meat to them in their stomachs. The pups lick their parents around the mouth which causes the adult to regurgitate the food in the stomach which is then eaten by the pups.

The pups are helped by other members of the pack. When they are very young pack members bring food to the mother so she can remain in the den. When they are a little larger pack members take turns in bringing food for the pups. They also play with them and “babysit”. When the pups are about eight weeks old they are taken by adults to a rendezvous site, an area where wolves hang out, sleep, play and eat.

So returning to the video it seems to me that we see a parent “wolf”, the father, bringing food for a pup who is a pack member. All dog behaviour has to be related to wolf behaviour. If we are to understand dog behaviour we have to revert to how wolves behave.


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