Drug addicted woman stabbed to death her hamster and ate it on video

NEWS AND COMMENT-GREAT GONERBY, LINCOLNSHIRE, UK: The story is shocking in its level of animal cruelty. The backdrop to this story is Emma Parker’s addiction to Class A drugs to which she has a long history.

Emma Parker
Emma Parker. Photo: Lincolnshire Live/MEN Media – its presentation has been modified by MikeB.

It is said that her home had been taken over by a drug dealer or dealers and it seems possible that the drug dealer instructed her to stab her hamster, Mr Nibbles, and perhaps eat it. We don’t know this as it is not reported but somebody made the video and it wasn’t her. She did not disclose who made the video in her trial.

The videos were uploaded to the Internet. I’ve not tried to find them and won’t watch them. Nobody should watch them and I suspect that they’ve been removed and if not, I hope so.

They were disclosed to the RSPCA by a concerned member of the public. I will assume that this person saw the videos online.

The first one shows Parker cutting up the hamster while it was still alive. The second video shows her eating it.

Parker initially stabs the hamster while it is in a ball. The hamster squeals apparently in agony but is allowed to escape and it runs around for a while.

At her criminal trial, the judge said:

“The hamster was injured at least twice and then, while still alive, cut in half.”

A veterinarian with 27 years’ experience who watched the video said that it was deeply disturbing and that she had never heard a hamster squeal like this before.

The incident took place at Parker’s home in mid-May 2022. She told the police that the people who made the video “are not nice people.”

Parker claimed that she killed her hamster because it had been bitten by one of her dogs earlier in the day.

The court was told that Parker had been convicted of shoplifting and had been involved in the recent car crash in which she had been burned.

There was some backlash from the community once they had heard about the videos. She was targeted and her home vandalised with dog faeces stuffed through her letterbox.

Emma Parker, 39, was jailed for 12 months and banned from keeping animals for 15 years. In the UK, the punishment animal cruelty has been extended to a maximum of five years in prison very recently. The judge said that her cruelty was as “serious as could be”.

My thanks to The Telegraph newspaper for the story despite the horror of it. When a person descends into drug or alcohol addiction harm can be caused to themselves and others.

Those jailed for animal cruelty are also victims? Critical race theory and the carceral state!

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